Circular No. NSE/INSP/2008/67                                        Dated: June 23, 2008




All Members


Sub: Uniform Documentary Requirements for trading


This is further to our Circular No. NSE/INSP/2006/52 (download reference no. NSE/INSP/7657) dated July 05, 2006 related to uniform documentary requirements for trading.


The Exchange is in receipt of complaints from investors regarding non-availability of copies of the documents executed by them for registration and it is observed that many disputes are related to the contents thereof. In order to facilitate investors to have access to the details provided by them to trading members at the time of registration of their accounts, the trading members are required to comply with the following :


  1. Upon registration of a client, trading members shall deliver to the client a copy of the duly completed documents viz. Client registration form (KYC), Member Constituent Agreement/Tripartite agreement, Risk Disclosure document and also a copy of any other document executed by the client.


  1. The trading code and the unique client code allotted to a client and the email id furnished by the client for the purpose of receiving electronic contract notes and other details, shall be communicated by the trading member through the KYC form or otherwise in writing to the clients.


Proof of such delivery/communication is to be maintained along with the registration documents pertaining to the clients. In respect of existing clients, the above mentioned documents and details may be provided upon request from such clients.


For any clarifications, trading members may contact any of the following officials: 

Mr. Hansen Cardoza, Mr. Parameshwaran or Ms Sania Surve

Phone Nos. 2659 8196 ( Direct )

                     2659 8100 8114   Extn.    5094 / 5097/ 5128


For National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.



Asst. Vice-President