Grievance Redress Complaints


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' Investor Grievance Service

The Cochin Stock Exchange remains committed to the protection of investor interests. The complaints received from the investors are taken up with the companies/brokers concerned and wherever necessary with the enforcement authorities for redress.

Resolution of complaints proceeds in two phases.

1. At the preliminary stage when the Exchange receives a complaint, the concerned broker/company is requested to settle the same. A copy of the complaint is sent to the concerned broker/company.

2. If the issue is still not resolved, it is referred to the Grievance Committee constituted by the Exchange. Notice is issued to both parties. Opportunity to adduce evidence and privilege of detailed and fair hearing is given to the parties .After weighing the evidence/documents on record  and taking into consideration the arguments raised, a decision is given on merits which is communicated to the parties.  If the concerned broker/company does not comply with the decision, the matter is referred to the Board Of Directors which initiates necessary action to ensure compliance.

Complaints against Defaulters

All claims and complaints against a trading member who is declared a defaulter is dealt with by the Committee for Settlement of Claims against Defaulters. Tenable claims are adjudged on merits after verification of records and a report is submitted to the Board Of Directors for taking the final decision. It may however be noted that belated claims will not be entertained.

Claims Against Defaulter by a  Trading Member

Within such time of the declaration of a defaulter every trading member carrying on business on the Exchange shall, be required to  compare with the Committee for Settlement of Claims Against Defaulters  his accounts with the defaulter / deemed defaulter, as provided in the Rules and Procedure, or furnish a statement of such accounts with the defaulter / deemed defaulter in such form or form as the Committee for Settlement of Claims Against Defaulters may prescribe or render a certificate that he has no such account.

 Claims against Defaulter by Investors/Clients 

 Within the time frame decided by the Executive Director, on  the declaration of defaulter / deemed defaulter, every person who had a transaction / dealing with the defaulter / deemed defaulter in relation to and/ or in connection with the stock broking business, and has to recover any amount and / or securities, shall be required to lodge a claim in the prescribed form, together with supporting papers / proof as may be specified in the Notice published in the daily newspaper by the Exchange  /Clearing Corporation.


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