Departments - Marketing





The Marketing Department interacts with the brokers of the exchange trading both within the state and outside and collects their opinions and suggestions. These are brought to the notice of the Committee constituted for the purpose and decisions of the committee are placed for approval of the Governing Board of the Exchange .The efforts are aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the service offered. In addition, the department conducts extensive surveys and campaigns in remote areas and where necessary organizes awareness programmes about capital markets. Experts with sufficient experience in the trade brief the participants and address their queries. Talk shows and interviews are conducted on television channels, clippings are displayed in theatres all with a view to increase public awareness and motivate their interest in the Capital Markets .The marketing wing also coordinates the off campus programmes of the CSE Institute and organizes regular classes at authorized centers after verifying the availability of suitable infrastructure and facilities.



Cochin Stock Exchange, Kochi, India