Departments - Membership




The Membership Department screens applications from prospective members to ensure that they are eligible to be members of the Exchange as per provisions of the Securities Contracts Regulation Act. It is also verified whether they  are �Fit and Proper� persons eligible to be members as per the SEBI (Criteria for Fit and Proper persons) Regulation 2004. The eligible applications are processed and forwarded to SEBI for the purpose of obtaining registration with SEBI. The department continuously follows up the status of the applications with SEBI and provides necessary data if any required by SEBI. The members are informed of their fee liability as and when information in this regard is obtained from SEBI.  The Membership Department also assists SEBI by ensuring proper delivery of notices and letters issued by SEBI to the concerned members. The changes in status and constitution of the Brokers are sent for approval to the Governing Board of the Exchange and thereafter to SEBI and Members are given necessary directions wherever required. Change in address and contact information are updated in the Finance and Accounting System and   SEBI  intimated.



Cochin Stock Exchange, Kochi, India