Departments - Systems





The Systems Department is  the heart of the various operations of CSE. The department provides the necessary technical support for screen based trading and the computerized functioning of all the other departments.

The activities of the department include: -

         Developments of software needed for the functions of the exchange.

         Maintenance of Multex software, which enables online trading with NSE and BSE.

         Maintenance of an effective network of computers for the smooth functioning of the           exchange.

         Providing the necessary services to the Settlement and Surveillance Departments.

         The support for maintenance of depository participants� accounts with the CSBL DP.

The major back office system softwares used are NESS and BOSS respectively for NSE and

 BSE trades calculations. These softwares are developed in-house by the software professionals

 at the Exchange and are used to maintain the entire records of all the trades that occur each day.

 It also does all the required calculations for deductions and also generates reports required by

 the brokers and their clients.


The trading software used in CSBL is Multex, developed by CMC. The advantage of using

 Multex is that both BSE and NSE scrip can be traded using this facility. CSBL has provided

 trading facility in equities through Multex to a large number of their clients over the Wide Area

 Network. Currently, the clients are connected by  VPN, ISDN, Dial-Up, Vsat etc.



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