COCHIN STOCK EXCHANGE LTD. is one of the premier Stock Exchanges in India, established in the year 1978.  The exchange had a humble beginning with just 5 companies listed in 1978 -79, and had only 14 members. Today the Exchange has more than 508 members and 240 listed companies. In 1980 the Exchange computerized  its offices. In order to keep pace with the changing scenario in the capital market, CSE took various steps including trading in dematerialized shares. CSE introduced the facility for computerized trading - "Cochin Online Trading (COLT)" on March 17, 1997. CSE was one of the promoters of the "Interconnected Stock Exchange of India (ISE)". The objective was to consolidate the small, fragmented and less liquid markets into a national level integrated liquid market. With the enforcement of efficient margin system and surveillance, CSE has successfully prevented defaults. Introduction of fast track system made CSE the stock exchange with the shortest settlement cycle in the country at that time. By the dawn of the new century, the regional exchanges faced a serious challenge from the NSE & BSE. To face this challenge CSE promoted a 100% subsidiary called the "Cochin Stock Brokers Ltd. (CSBL)" and started trading in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

CSBL is the first subsidiary of a stock exchange to get membership in both NSE & BSE. CSBL also  became a depository participant in the Central Depository Services Ltd.. The CSE has been playing a vital role in the economic development of the country in general, and  Kerala  in  particular and striving hard  to achieve the following goals:

� Providing investors with high level of liquidity whereby the cost and time involved in the entry into and exit from the market are minimized.

� Bringing in high tech solutions and make all operations absolutely transparent.

� Building infrastructure for capital market by turning CSE into a financial super market.

� Serve the investors of the region.

� Professional stock broking and investment management.

� Imparting Capital Market knowledge to all intermediaries on a continuous basis.

The Cochin Stock Exchange is directly under the control and supervision of Securities & Exchange Board of India (the SEBI), and is today a demutualized entity in accordance with the Cochin Stock Exchange  (Demutualization)  Scheme,  2005  approved  and  notified  by SEBI on 29th of August 2005. Demutualization  essentially means de-linking and separation of ownership and trading rights and  restructuring  the  Board  in accordance with the provisions of the scheme. The Exchange has been Demutualised and the notification thereof published in the Gazettee.    


The policy decisions of the CSE are taken by the  Board Of  Directors. The Board  is constituted with 12 members of whom less than one-fourth  are elected from amongst the trading member of CSE, another one fourth are  Public Interest Directors selected by SEBI from the panel submitted by the Exchange and the remaining are Shareholder Directors. The Board appoints the  Executive Director who functions as an  ex-officio  member of the Board and takes charge of the administration of the Exchange.

Cochin Stock Exchange, Kochi, India