Dematerialization or DEMAT is a process to convert the securities held in physical form into electronic form or to directly allot securities in electronic record form.


According to the Depositories Act, 1996, an investor has the option      to hold shares either in physical or electronic form.


To dematerialize a particular share one will have to open a DEMAT account with the DP, thereafter he will have to fill up a DEMAT Request Form and submit the same to the DP for dematerialization. For each scrip a separate DRF should be used.

Collect the DEMAT Request form from the DP main branch or Nodal branches.

Or just click here to download DEMAT Request Form, you can take a print out of the DEMAT Request form and submit to the DP along with a Xerox copy of the same since a duplicate copy of the DEMAT Request Form is also required.