It is a windows based software  designed  to deliver excellent functionality for broker offices

It is a multi-segment, multi-exchange, multi-user, Windows-based package designed to deliver excellent value for small, medium and large sized broker offices.

Characteristics of  I-FAST

  •   User friendly

  •   Highly Secure

  •   Faster rate of processing

  •   Less interaction from user

  •   Simple operation

  •  Flexible

        Its very easy  to shift from existing system to i-FAST ,  stock and cash balance can be updated to the  new system. 

         Trade files of Multex , Webex ,Odin , Neat can be processed using i-FAST .

         Daily processing needs only 5-6 steps.

         Stock Position ( Settlement Wise , Client wise and  Scrip wise ) can be monitored.        

         A wide variety of .reports can be generated


For Commercial Enquiries and demonstration contact :

[email protected]

[email protected]