How to map Pool Account  of Cochin Stock Brokers Limited(CSBL)


NSE  CSBL Pool A/c  DP ID ?12023900 CLIENT ID   00000685
BSE  CSBL Pool A/c DP ID ?12023900  CLIENT ID   00000419
NSE  CSBL Early Payin  a/c DP ID ?11000011  CLIENT ID   00014631

Account holder can choose CM  account of any other NSE/BSE member.   That  means the pool account of your trading member. The above account number are the pool a/c of CSBL . CSBL have membership in  NSE\BSE. If the a/c  holder trading through any other broker  can   give  the details of their pool account number with CDSL as trusted a/c Numbers . Maximum 4 poll account can Map. The Holder can change Trusted account numbers at any time.

 BSE Early Pay In

Mapping of BSE Early Pay in not possible , transfer is possible without mapping. Select CM id at the time of punching of BSE instruction  (Cm Id of CSBL BSE is 263).

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