What is easi ?

Electronic Access to Securities Information. This  is  the facility introduced by CDSL to view, print and download holdings almost on real time-basis.


?/span>      Viewing, downloading, printing of details of holdings as and when required.

?/span>     Updated  holdings  and  transaction statements  are available on real - time basis, 7 days  a week, 24 hours a day, through CDSL website www.cdslindia.com


?/span>      You can access easi from any where in the world at any time.

?/span>      Can reduce the queries regarding the status of holdings and transactions 

How can I register easi ?

      DP Account Holder can register online or Collect the easi registration from from DP or Branch  or Nodal Branches. Or Click here download Registration form.

      Submit the duly  signed  easi  form to CSBL DP or to our Branch or to any of our Nodal Branches.  After  verification  the DP will authenticate your registration. The password will be sent  to your email id mentioned in the Application form.

Click here to log in to My easi

What is easiest ?

Electronic Access to  Securities Information  and  Execution  of  Secured  Transactions. This  is a facility  introduced by CDSL . Using this facility Account Holders   can transfer their shares from their DP Account to any account.  


?/span>      Submission of debit / credit transaction instructions to effect the following through internet.

       a) Off-market

       b) On-market

       c) Inter-depository

       d) Early pay-in transactions

?/span>      View/Download/Print details of transactions  setup  directly  by   you through Internet and update your back office software (if any)  

?/span>      Last 30 days transactions are available  

?/span>       If you subscribe to easiest,  all  the  facilities  and  benefits  of  easi  are automatically available to you. 

Mode of Operation

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     At the time of registration you have to choose mode of operation, there are two types of  operation mode. Below stated options.

  1. Trusted account transfer

This is a mode of operation through  which  transfer  of securities can take place to the Pool Account of NSE, BSE Brokers only.

How can I map Pool  Account / Early pay-in Account of NSE and BSE Broker .  Click here  to view details.

2.      Account of choice 

This is a  mode of operation through  which  transfer  of  securities  can  take  place  to any account of choice. 

Authentication of transaction set up through easiest?

 The holder can authenticate transaction using PIN method or e-token. 

PIN method: 

This is the   Personal   Identification   Number  allotted by CDSL. The cartier replica transactions set up through easiest can be authenticated using PIN method.





This is a hardware device that is used to store  digital signature  for additional security. in order to obtain digital signature on e-token you have to submit certain documents to CDSL through us . Format of relevant forms are available at the time of registration.

How can I  register easiest ?

  Account  holder  can  register online  here  or  collect easiest kit from the main DP / BranchNodal  branch  or  can  download the  easiest  kit  by a click on the below options.


Click here  To download the easiest form for  Individual BO / Corporate Account    Opting Trusted Account Transfer (Using Pin Method)

Click here  To  download  the easiest form for Individual BO/ Corporate Account    Opting  Trusted  Account Transfer (Using e-token)

Click here  To download the easiest form for Individual BO / Corporate Account   Opting Account of Choice  Transfer (Using e-token)


Submit  the duly  filled  application  as per checklist  to the DP/ BRANCH in person. The account holder  should  come  in  person  for  registration. Those  who  are  unable to come in person to the DP can follow the below mentioned method.

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">         The  holder  should  affix   a  photograph on the application duly attested by the gazette   officer  on  the  face  of  the  photograph  and  the  signature  on  the application must be attested by his banker

?span style="font:7.0pt "Times New Roman"">         Your registration will be approved after due verification by the DP. If rejected the reason(s) will be emailed to you.

How  will I  get password for login to easiest ?

CDSL  will  sent  password  to  your  Email  ID  mentioned   in  your  application.Therefore the holder should mention the correct email ID in their  application.

How will I get PIN to Authenticate the transactions ? 

In addition to password , CDSL  will sent  PIN  (Personal Identification Number)  to  your Email ID.

How will I get e-Token ?

CDSL  will sent e-Token kit to the DP. DP will forward the kit to the Holder.

How can I login to easiest ?  Click here to login  to  easiest.

How can I transfer shares to the Pool of CSBL. ? Click here to view details.

How can I transfer shares to NSDL DEMAT Account ? Click here to view details

BO Level Pay In Click here  to view details

click here  to refer the user guide of easiest 

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