Investor Protection

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Margin Description/Calculation


The margin calculated by  CSBL is as given below:




Gross Exposure

The Intra-day of 33.33 times and Gross exposure of 8 times the security deposit is provided to Members. The daily margin imposed is deducted from the capital deposited with CSBL .


The exposure will be provided after adjusting the margin imposed. Additional margin paid is added towards the capital, exposure shall be enhanced accordingly.




MTM Loss + Daily Margin + Payin



MTM Loss


MTM Profit is not netted with the MTM Loss




Up-front Margin as stipulated by NSE is collected after the days trading. Securities are grouped into four. Group I, II, III, IV & V for imposing margin   


Early payin of funds/Securities


Early payin of funds paid is added towards the capital.


For sales, if the same is delivered and confirmed with CSBL, Margin/MTM Loss is exempted . 



Delivery Credit




75% of  the  value of the shares delivered is  credited towards margin.  Provided  the cash to security ratio shall be 1:1.



Scrip Margin

Approved scrips are accepted towards margin. The minimum cash to be deposited to avail the facility is Rs.1 lakh.







30% margin imposed client-wise


MTM Loss

MTM Profit is not netted with loss



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