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Demat of Shares

       Now most of the shares in Stock Exchanges are trading  in electronic mode. Those who are holding shares in Physical Form has to convert it to electronic form for its liquidity .This process is known as Dematerialization of shares. For converting physical shares to electronic form the account holder has to open a demat account with Depository Participant (DP) of  CDSL/NSDL. After opening  Account DP will issue a Demat Request Form. (DRF) for dematerializing shares /The Share holder submit the duly  filled DRF along with shares certificate to the DP office. DP issues the acknowledgement to the Account Holder. Demat Process as follows:-

     DP will set up the request with DP front end software. System will generate a covering letter showing all the details like shares certificate, holder details and Transfer Agent Address will print. DP will sent the share certificate  along with covering letter  after completing all the formalities DP�s end. The Transfer Agent/Company will verify the shares certificate and letter with the company records . If the details tally with the company records they will give electronic credit to that account holder through the Depository. The company will spoil  the share certificate after giving electronic credit to the holder. If any mismatch company will reject the Demat Request and will sent shares certificate to the DP/Account Holder along with memo. Demat Request process will take 30 to 45 days.

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