Investor Protection

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Grievance Cell

Investors Grievance Service

         CSE, on its part, remains committed to the protection of investor interests. The complaints received from the investors are taken up with the companies/brokers concerned and wherever necessary with the enforcement authorities for redressal.


Complaints are resolved in two ways:


1.      At the preliminary stage when the Exchange receives a complaint, the concerned broker/company is requested to settle the same. A copy of the complaint is sent to the concerned broker/company also.

2.      If the same is not resolved in the said manner, it is referred to the grievance committee and the committee after sending notice to both parties, after adducing evidence and hearing the parties, an order is passed. If the concerned broker/company is not complying with the order, the matter is referred to the Council of Management. The Council of Management resolves the case according to the Grievance Committee order.

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