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         The brokers are provided with a software called MULTEX which enables the brokers to access BSE And NSE terminals simultaneously. For analysis of the market trends we are providing the software package Meta Stock and ERS which has gained wide acceptance from members, investors and students from various institutes .We have also a well-maintained library with over 2500  books, journals, business magazines and reports. Above all we operate various committees like Arbitration Committee, Disciplinary committee, Defaults Committee and Grievance Committee advice the exchange, such as good market practices, settlement procedures, risk containment systems etc. Industrial professionals, trading members and also our staff form part of these committees. There is also an optical fiber connection been laid down by Asianet Satellite Telecommunications, which facilitates more trading options.


CSBL has provided trading facility in equities through Multex to a large number of their clients over the Wide Area Network. Currently, the clients over the wide area are connected by:  

(1)  ISDN

(2)  Dial-Up

(3)  Leased Line

(4)  Cluster


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Cochin Stock Exchange, Kochi, India