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FAQ's on Membership

  1. How to become a member in CSBL?

  2. What are the charges u impose on a member?

  3. What will be your brokerage?

  4. Can I get a trading terminal at my place? How?

  5. Do you have internet stock trading?

  6. How can I do the payin of cash/scrip?

  7. Which is your official banker?

1)Only those who have membership in CSE can become a member of CSBL. To become a member of CSE the client should deposit an amount of Rs.2 lakhs. He should also deposit Rs.50,000 as CSBL sub-broker registration fee. The client should be at least 21 years of age, a graduate and financially sound.

2)The following charges are imposed on an existing member in CSBL:

a) Subscription Charges                              :           Rs.200/month

b) Investor protection                                 :           Rs.10/month


 The following charges are imposed on a corporate member in CSBL:

a) Subscription Charges                              :           Rs.500/month

b) Investor protection                                 :           Rs.10/month


3)The brokerage charged in CSBL is 0.017% of the the total turnover

In addition to the brokerage the following charges are also charged:

a) Transaction Charges                               :           0.007%

b) Service tax                                             :           0.0085% (5% of brokerage)

c) SGF and Customer Protection fund         :           0.0005%

4)If you are a sub-broker of CSBL then you can activate a terminal at any place using VSAT, leased lines or dialup.

If you are not a sub-broker, you can register as a fast track client of a registered sub-broker of CSBL and use the connections stated above.

5)Yes, we can do internet stock trading for BSE using WEBX.

6)You can do all the cash transactions with CSBL through UTI Bank. For that you should open an account in UTI Bank

For scrip transaction you have to open an account with CSBL DP.

7)UTI Bank.

Cochin Stock Exchange, Kochi, India